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Our mission is to help teachers in their 20’s and 30’s earn more, save more, invest more, and create a path toward Financial Independence.

But first, most of you are probably thinking….

What is Financial Independence?

Financial Independence (F.I.) or Financial Independence Retire Early (F.I.R.E) is a lifestyle movement that is sweeping the country.

Don’t believe me? A simple google search of Financial Independence will result in a wealth of articles on this subject and its growing popularity among millennials.

The Financial Independence movement is reframing the way millennials think about work and retirement.

Being financially independent means you have built up enough wealth to enable the freedom and flexibility to design your life in alignment with your values.

That might be a little confusing. Picture it this way..

Imagine being 40, 45, or 50 years old and not having to “work” ever again. Imagine having the choice to continue teaching, explore other professions, or retire all together and focus on family. That’s what financial independence can do for you.

Financial Independence is about choice. It’s about reaching the point where you are not tied to your teaching job because of the money. YOU decide what work you want to do and when you want to do it. It’s about putting a greater value on the time you have on this earth and being able to spend it in ways that make you happy.

The best part? This is all possible as a teacher!

Why Should Teachers Care About Financial Independence?

Well there are many reasons but the main one is that teachers are very susceptible to teacher burnout. It’s just the nature of our high intensity, high stamina jobs.

Many teachers get to the middle or late part of their careers and are completely wiped. They’re crabby, tired, and annoyed to be at work.

You know those types of teachers I’m talking about, every school has those people.

They have no passion for teaching anymore but they keep coming back year after year because they need the money or their waiting it out until they get their pension.

It’s easy for us millennials to say “Oh, that will never be me!”, but in reality we don’t know that.

We can’t control how we’ll feel about our jobs in the future, but we can control what options we will have.

Financial Independence gives you those options and let’s you decide what your future will look like.

How do you Achieve Financial Independence?

Achieving Financial Independence (FI) does not happen on accident. It comes through an intentional mindset shift about money and implementing specific strategies.

That’s where Millennial Educator comes in.

The goal of this platform is to change your relationship with money so that you too can start your path toward Financial Independence. In doing so, we will address the foundation of achieving Financial Independence. This includes strategies for teachers to earn more, save more, and invest more.

Taking action now in your 20’s and 30’s is how you create options for your future.

Your future self will thank you for the decisions you make today.

Want to learn more? Ready to start your journey?

Begin by checking out “The Basics” series below. This will set the foundation for your path to FI.

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Good luck and thanks for taking this journey with me.