5 Most Popular Side Hustles for Teachers

side hustles for teachers

Don’t you hate those articles that say things like, “the perfect side hustles for teachers” and then go ahead and list jobs like dog walking, car washing, and pet grooming.

It’s like, really…I got a masters degree in education, and you think dog walking is the best side hustle for me.

Besides, teachers have a very specific set of skills. They are social, patient, caring, helpful, and great with children.

These skills are assets that can be leveraged into teacher specific money making side hustle opportunities.

I did some research and compiled this short list of side hustles that utilize the unique skills of teachers.

I included only those side hustle’s that have been personally done by myself or a teacher friend of mine.

Let’s jump in.

1. Tutoring

tutoring side hustle

This is probably the most common side hustle for teachers and definitely worth having at the top of this list.

Tutoring is great because it allows teachers to earn extra money doing the thing they already love doing..teaching!

The amount you charge for tutoring is up to you and you keep 100% of the profits (minus taxes).

The average rate for tutoring can differ drastically depending on your location but generally tutors charge between $30 – $60/hour.

Some teachers choose to tutor from their own home, students home, or a public place like a library.

I myself have had a lot of success tutoring students through private music lessons.

One downside I’ve found is that tutoring can be tiring after a full school day. So to ease the burden on myself, I only schedule one student per day (if possible), and I schedule them immediately following my school day so that I can get it done before heading home.

2. Driver For RideSharing App

This is a great side hustle that has grown in popularity in recent years.

The reason it’s on this list is because teachers are generally pretty social, and this side hustle is great way to meet new/interesting people!

The two most popular ride sharing apps are Uber and Lyft.

There is very little barrier to entry for these apps, all you need is your car and a smart phone.

Average hourly wages vary depending on location but most drivers make between $15 and $25/hr.

The best part about ride sharing is that you can do it whenever you want! Weekends, weeknights, on your way to work, whenever!

I think the coolest feature is that you can pick up customers who are going the same direction as you. So you can literally make money driving someone on your commute to work! You may even make a friend out of it ; )

If you are not interested in driving people, you could also deliver food through apps like Door Dash, Instacart, and Postmates.

These apps set you up with people ordering takeout.

You shop the food, drive it to the customer, and collect a delivery fee and tip.

3. Babysitting/Child Care

This is a great side hustle for those teachers that don’t have children of their own.

Watching other peoples children while mom and dad are out can be a great way to earn extra cash.

Many parents seek child care during school breaks and the summer when children and teachers are off but parents are still working.

The hourly rate for babysitters varies by location, but on average babysitter’s can expect to make around $15/hr.

Rates can also fluctuate depending on the amount of children you are caring for.

If you don’t personally know anyone looking for childcare, sites like SitterCity.com and Care.com are the place to go.

They will connect you with families in search of babysitters and caregivers.

4. Coaching

coaching side hustle

Coaching is a great way to interact with students outside of the classroom while also supplementing your teaching income.

Coaching a school sport is usually a season long commitment (2-3 months), with practices and games taking up about 2 hours each day.

Keep in mind, most states require some type of coaching certification and/or CPR/First Aid training to coach a school sport.

If you interested in coaching outside of your school district, check to see what youth sports are offered within your town.

Many youth sport programs are looking for teachers to coach since they are already passionate about working with children.

5. Real Estate Agent

Since many teachers end their school day in the early afternoon, pursuing a side hustle as a part time real estate agent can be a worthwhile endeavor.

Afternoons, evenings, and summers provide teachers with the time needed to show homes and communicate with prospective buyers.

To become an agent, you need to enroll in a certified course, pass state tests to receive your license, and sign on with an agency.

Although getting started as a real estate agent can take some time before you start seeing any money, the long term income potential makes it hard to pass up.

The Bottom Line

Side Hustles are a great way to pad your income as a teacher.

Teachers have a unique set of skills that lend themselves well to various side hustle opportunities.

Do your own research and find the side hustle that works best for you!

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